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Testimonials: All-in-One Program

All the Pieces in One Place

"Look at all the different pieces of what you’re doing right now, and then look at Workforce Connects and you’ll see it’s all there. You don’t have to go from website to website to get the career piece, the skills piece—all the pieces that Adult Ed programs are tasked to do, it’s all there."

-Director of an Adult Education program serving military, rural, urban, and prison populations

Program Fatigue

"It seems like there’s a new program, a new solution, every other year. Teachers and students never get a chance to get comfortable. Continuity is so important. You want to give your teachers and students the best tools, implemented with the best practices, from a vendor who will upgrade and keep that tool current. And that’s what Workforce Connects offers."

-Willie Eller, Hillsborough Community College

The End of Limits

"Previous programs were too limiting, and upper-level students in particular weren’t being well-served. Workforce Connects carries students as far as they are willing to go."

-Joseph Tully, City Colleges of Chicago

Measuring Success

"It gives us the ability to provide a total package program for our students, and with Workforce Connects, the assessment, everything you need to track student performance—it’s all right there."

-Adult Education teacher with more than 30 years’ experience

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