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Need solutions that go beyond classroom walls? McGraw-Hill offers print, online, and hybrid solutions to meet your career development and training needs. Each and every part of Workforce Connects is supported by world-class instructional materials and resources to help ensure career readiness and support career pathway development.

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Academic Training & Instruction

Print editions of the Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information courses, along with Teacher Editions for each, provide the perfect hybrid instruction solution for career readiness preparation. Combined with the interactive lessons, cluster-specific On Your Own assessments, and remediation lessons within Workforce Connects, and students can learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace.

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Career Readiness Preparation

Each of the 16 Career Companions contains 46 pages full of cluster-specific practice of the key applied mathematics, reading for information, and locating information skills learners will need to be career-ready.

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Pathways for College, Career, and Life

Whether it’s navigating life after graduation, preparing for community college, or getting ready to enter the workforce, each Starting Out! handbook equips learners and jobseekers with the practical knowledge they need to succeed, regardless of their pathway.

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Career Analysis and Exploration

Each of the 16 Career Companions allows learners to explore the career clusters, learn about career pathways within each cluster, and gain insight into salaries, educational requirements, and industry outlooks. Combined with Workforce Connects’ robust career analysis tools and 600+ job profiles, jobseekers now have all the tools they need to plan for careers and make informed decisions about career pathway development.

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Workplace Training & Instruction

Print editions of the Writing for Work and Tools for Workplace Success (soft skills) courses provide meaningful, scenario-based training that helps learners develop the workplace competencies needed to be effective.

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Skill Support and Remediation

Bridge foundational skill gaps in reading, mathematics, and language through TABE Skill Workbooks (Levels E, M, D, and A).

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