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Testimonials: Teacher Benefits

Adaptable to Any Classroom Style

"The curriculum is presented in the classroom, allowing the teachers to adapt it to their own style. Then students can explore the career pathways independently, with teachers as resources to guide and give them feedback."

-Adult Education teacher with more than 30 years’ experience

Real-World Skills

"Workforce Connects was the perfect avenue for me, as a teacher, to help students understand the connection between the classroom and the real world. The computer skills—word processing, writing for work—will be an integral part of their ability to succeed."

-District coordinator for a large city

Teachers and Technology

"Teachers are tech-savvy. They have to be. That’s why it was so great to have a web–based program that integrated with the way they wanted to organize their classrooms."

-Community College Administrator

Curriculum in Context

"Teachers truly believe that students are getting a benefit, and that gets them excited about the program. They know that curriculum presented in context is key to positive outcomes."

-GED and Continuing Education director for a large urban/suburban district

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